We are a leading distributor of technology products, telecommunications equipment and white goods – We provide integrated technology and green energy solutions

Globalsat Group is a leader in the Greek market in the distribution and commercial management of technology products, telecommunications equipment, white goods and tech gadgets. It also offers integrated, technology-based business solutions to enable its clients to take advantage of the opportunities that arise in the context of digital transformation.

The Group has exclusive partnerships with leading international brands, such as Samsung, Huawei and TCL and cooperates with all companies in the telecommunications and technology sector, as well as with all retail networks in Greece and Cyprus. In the context of its strategic planning and the expansion of its activities, the Group now provides its services to the market of Crete and Romania.

In addition, in the context of the green transition of businesses in Greece, the Group offers a full range of specialized solutions that include the development of Blink’s electric car charging network in Greece, as well as via the development of IoT Smart Metering solutions.

Globalsat was included in the list of the 30 fastest growing companies, in Fortune’s Greece 2022 ranking. Globalsat was also certified as GREAT PLACE TO WORK and is included in the list of the top companies, distinguished for their work environment and culture.


Indicative brands that the group represents are:



New strategic partnership of KAE PANATHINAIKOS AKTOR with GLOBALSAT Group

KAE Panathinaikos AKTOR is very pleased to announce its new partnership with Globalsat Group, which has been a pioneer in the field of technology for more than 20 years and is now expanding its activities in the rapidly evolving field of green energy. ...Read More

Merger by Absorption of the companies “GLOBALSAT S.A.” and “TELEUNICOM S.A.

Following the completion of the merger and in particular from January 1, 2024, GLOBALSAT S.A. (the "absorbing or GLOBALSAT") has entered automatically and without any other wording in accordance with the law in all the rights, obligations and legal relationships of TELEUNICOM S.A. (the "absorbed or TELEUNICOM"), which was dissolved without liquidation and ceased to exist as a legal entity. ...Read More

Globalsat is one of the Diamonds of the Greek Economy 202

The Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2023 award was once again awarded to Globalsat Group, during the event which was organized by NAUTEMPORIKI and was held on December 14, at the Great Britain Hotel. The event  with the aim of recognizing the companies that display the highest and fastest growth in the Greek market. ...Read More