Blink Electric Automobility Solutions

We support and believe in the emerging
electric automobility market

Globalsat has entered the rapidly growing electricity sector by making a strategic partnership with Blink Charging Hellas, aiming to the contribution of development of Blink’s electric car charging stations network in Greece, through its specialized corporate customer segment. The goal of the company is to contribute to the opening of the electric car market, strengthening the confidence of their users and businesses in the electric automobility and the availability of recharging points where and when they need them.

The charging network of Blink electric vehicles in Greece already has charging points every 50 kilometers and from city to city. It covers the needs of both urban and long-distance electric transportation and is constantly being thickened and developed, so that each urban center has at least 50 charging points.

Blink Charging Hellas has been active in the Greek market since May 2020, through Blink Charging Europe Consortium, starting in Greece, announcing its entry into the European electric vehicle charging market  and ensuring penetration in European markets at a time when electric vehicle charging is growing rapidly and the need of charging is becoming imperative. Blink Charging Hellas focuses on the development of the urban charging model and on tackling climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, while enhancing the creation of a national electric vehicle charging network.

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