A single energy source of data for footprint management
and sustainability for your business

Through the integrated Sustainability Management Solution of Globalsat, your business can collect, analyze and automate information relevant to sustainable development goals, with the aim of increasing its energy and environmental performance. More specifically, through the platform, companies can reduce energy and operating costs, as well as ensure the comfort of its employees. Additionally, it enables building managers to improve the operating costs of their operations, to increase its expected lifetime of their equipment and improve the overall performance of the building.

The platform ensures high level overview of its energy efficiency building, historical data, advanced analyses data, comparing them with previous ones time periods, groupings of energy and sustainability information, as well as deviations from the original energy budget through charts, reports, dashboards. Additionally, the platform functions include a wide range of management services installation, such as energy consumption per device / equipment, maintenance work & supervision, status updates equipment and installation, coverage and the lighting of the space, the sound levels, etc.

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