Promobot collaborates with Globalsat

Globalsat further expands its portfolio in the B2B business technology solutions with the exclusive partnership for the Greek market with Promobot offering thermometer product Thermocontrol.

Globalsat continues to work tirelessly to bring new solutions to the table. It closely monitors the needs of the market and offers solutions that support its partners and the market in these new emergencies. In this light, it has entered into a strategic partnership with Promobot and has exclusively in the Greek market with products like the Thermocontrol body temperature control stations.

The autonomous screening station for contactless body temperature measurement Thermocontrol are the most modern choice in thermometers as they allow organizations, companies, malls, department stores, public buildings and services to monitor the temperature of their visitors, employees, customers easily and quickly without requiring the involvement of an employee in the process, in the context of protecting public health, preventing and treating pandemics.

Thermocontrol station provides -above all – features including face, age and gender recognition, record keeping up to 1,000 people, video calling, integration with access control system, and support for name input and navigation using voice commands. More information about the device in the following links:

The General Manager of Globalsat, Mr. Costas Agrafiotis comments about the new cooperation: “From the beginning of the pandemic, our Group with a sense of responsibility took all the security and prevention measures to protect our employees and our partners. Understanding the needs of our customers and partners in this new global challenge has been and remains our priority. Through our partnership with Promobot we offer the most reliable and modern solution in thermometry. Through Thermocontrol station, sites, stores and public services that receive many visitors, can have a very quick measurement of the temperature of people entering their premises, in the context of protecting public health, preventing and limiting the spread of pandemic. Our Group, as well as other large Greek and multinational companies have already proceeded with the installation of these terminals on their premises.”

About Promobot:

Promobot is the largest service robotics manufacturer in Northern and Eastern Europe. It operates and develops in the fields of mechatronics, electronics, artificial intelligence and neural networks, autonomous navigation, speech recognition, development of artificial leather and muscles, and human-machine interaction.